Paint Means Poo

Daventry District Council (DDC) has organised a well publicised “Paint Means Poo” campaign that has been in operation over the past few weeks in conjunction with Local Parishes and the Canal and River Trust.  A team of some 30 volunteers has been carrying out weekly surveys of the area spraying dog poo with orange paint to:

  • Highlight the magnitude of the problem;
  • Shame irresponsible dog owners;
  • Identify the hazard for other people;
  • Raise awareness of the health and safety issues.

Along a two miles stretch of the Grand Union Canal from Norton Junction through the Whilton and Buckby lock flight and down to the first bridge below the marina the dog fouling count over the past six weeks was:

5          14       2          4          3          20

This is an average of 8/week, an improvement over the same period last year when it varies between 1 and 40 with an average of 16/week.

However, this is not the time to be complacent; the count changes considerably week-by-week and it is concluded this may be due perhaps to the fact there is variable passing canal boat traffic.

Under Public Space Protection Orders DDC bylaws make it an offence not only for dog owners/walkers not to clear up after their dogs but also not to go out suitably equipped with bags.  Offenders may be liable to Fixed Penalty Notices of £100 or if taken to court a maximum fine of £1,000.  Offenders can be reported to DDC via their website.

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