For a bit of fun and to test your knowledge, try this Grand Union Quiz:

  1. The canal towpath was the focus of what national event in 1993?
  2. What event in 1959 dealt the final blow to commercial traffic on the Grand Union?
  3. The seven locks of the Buckby flight raise the canal by how much? a) 12.2m b) 19.2m c) 26.2m
  4. Approximately how many gallons of water are used as each lock is negotiated? a) 10,000 b) 35,000 c) 75,000
  5. How many miles of navigable canals and rivers form the Canal and River Trust system? a) 1,000 b) 1,500 c) 2,000
  6. The unique decorative bench at the bottom lock is a memorial to whom?
  7. What historic artifact does just about every canal boater in Britain associate with the top lock?