Whilton and Buckby Flight Reopens After Emergency Closure – Final Update

On Saturday morning 21st May 2016 the bow of a boat became caught under the beam of the off-side top gate of Lock No.8, adjacent to the Nature Reserve and close to Anchor Cottage gift shop.  The gate was lifted out of its bottom socket and became partly detached from the beam and was left in a precarious position, preventing navigation.

Despite the fact that CRT told our reporter that repairs would be carried out on Sunday and they expected the flight to reopen on Monday, in fact work only commenced on Monday.

On Monday attempts to refit the lock gate using a car jack proved fruitless and heavy lifting equipment was deemed necessary to be brought in by boat from another site.  On Tuesday preparations were made by draining the lock chamber using stop boards.  The gate was finally refitted and the flight later reopened to boaters at about 4:00 pm on Wednesday the 25th May, much to everyone’s relief particularly those travelling to the Crick Boat Show!

The damaged gate was fixed in the closed position and the beam cut off so it could not be opened and special arrangements were therefore necessary for broad beam boats, of course.

On the 6th July the gate was eventually repaired and the lock was fully restored to service.  The damaged beam was replaced with a new one that actually forms part of the new set of gates that will be replaced as part of scheduled stoppages this coming Winter.

WBLA volunteers will now paint the lock; please “Contact Us” if you wish to help!

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